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Meet Lisa Rosan, RN, BSN, CDCES

Owner, Left Right Diabetes Coaching

Throughout my 20 year journey as a nurse, health educator, and health coach, I've specialized in diabetes care. My extensive experience caring for people with diabetes of all ages has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals living with this chronic condition. I've had the privilege of helping countless people navigate the complexities of diabetes management, empowering them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

What truly sets me apart, however, is my commitment to compassion. I believe that nursing is not just about treating symptoms and administering medications; it's about connecting with individuals on a human level, understanding their fears and hopes, and providing unwavering support.  Compassion has been the cornerstone of my practice, and it's what has allowed me to build meaningful and lasting relationships with my clients.


In addition to my clinical experience, I'm also a lifelong learner, constantly seeking to stay at the forefront of healthcare advancements. I believe that knowledge is a powerful tool, and I'm dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in diabetes care to provide the best possible care to my clients.

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Left Right Diabetes Coaching

A friend once told me that over your career, you collect "chips" at each job. Each job prepares you for the next, as you gain these chips, which are knowledge, experience, and perspective. One day, you find that perfect job and cash in all of your chips. My entire career has led me to Left Right Diabetes Coaching, and I couldn't be more excited and grateful to cash in. 

Left Right Diabetes Coaching was started because I believe people want and need MORE to effectively manage their diabetes. More education, more support, more individualized care, more consistency, and more time. I'm here to provide expert guidance, personalized support, and a wealth of knowledge to empower you to live your healthiest life with Type 2 Diabetes.  

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